Friday, September 30, 2016

I got a Plan Stan

So running is all about a plan. I touched based on this a little in our last post. It’s all about having a plan, this to me is a vital part of a successful running journey. You wouldn’t cook a new recipe without preparation or a step by step guide. Then why would you start a life change without a plan. Now i[‘m not saying you have to have a minute by minute detailed layout, but you need an outline. Something to give you guidance and reference.

Your outline needs to be tailored to your schedule, so that you don’t desert it before you start.  All good ideas are only executed by great plans. So when you take time to plan a great party it goes off without a hitch. Let’s taking running a 5k as your party. What are some of the things you have to know about before you can start? Well you need the 3 W’s, When, Where and What Time.  So same goes with running. If you goal is a 5k then you need to know When, Were & What time your 5k will be happening. I suggest getting on Active ( and getting some ideas of when and where 5ks are happening.

FREEZE!!!!! I know you have already pulled up Active and see that there is a 5k in 4 weeks in your hometown. DO NOT GO THERE!! 4 weeks isn’t enough to properly condition your body for a 5k. Sorry, but I want you a lifelong runner not a OH I tried that once and died runner.  Okay so look back at active and look for a 5k that is about 6 to 8 weeks out. Found one, make sure it says beginner in it. Awesome now the big step Sign UP!!! Whoop Whoop You did it, You have made the commitment. I’m so proud of you, So happy for you!

Now get that pen and pad and let’s plan this bad boy out so that when the big day comes your on point.  Okay so first up you need to figure out who much time you have. Got it.. Great, so I am going to do an example time based on 6 weeks training. If you have extra time you can always space a few other things in there, I’ll note where you can add time.  Now before we get started remember to CUSTOMIZE this to you, I’m giving you the outline you will need to go in and make changes where needed.

Okay so first off let’s list out each day in the week, now pick the days that you want to run. To start with you need to run 3 to 4 and then move up to 5 to 6 days. Make sure you have at least 1 to 2 cross train days and of course 1 or 2 rest days. Here is my suggestion for the first 2 weeks. Run 3 to 4 days a week, Cross train 1 day and rest 2 days. There is nothing wrong with resting and it’s actually good for your mind and body, however if you are like me do not rest 2 days in a row make sure you have a few days in between. I normally work on Saturday’s and Sundays’, so I try and rest on Friday and Tuesday.

With that said life does throw a mean curve ball, such as stomach flu which puts you in bed for 2 days. Uhhhh the life of a mommy, it’s all fun and games till Mommy is sick. Now I know that sometimes you can’t always get a run in, as per mine and Mallorie’s week this past week. But there are alternatives to if you cannot get out and cover a mile.  If I can’t run/walk (as per my husband) I jog/march in place for alternating 30 seconds. I also do a pre-workout for 10 mins beforehand and then a cool down for 10 mins afterwards.  This just keeps me on my toes for a little while and me moving, it’s my band aid for the temporary moments of not being able to run.

Planning is key to making sure you’re not only running but your also at the top of your game in other areas. I am a stay at home mommy/homemaker, so scheduling times for me to run seem easier than it is for someone who works 8 to 5. So by planning and utilizing a schedule you are more likely to make the permanent change vs the fab change. I know you are thinking what the snowballs is a fab change, well that’s where you change something because of a fab, then change back to your old habits once the mood has left yea.

Now , for a little happy news. I told you in my last blog that I had signed up for my first 5k and you should join me. Now I want you to join me for something else……. Are you ready?.......... I have now upped my goal to a half-marathon in February. Yes crazy is my name running is my game, but I’m okay with that because it’s all for a good cause. It’s called Rock-N-Run and it’s happening February 5, 2017 in New Orleans. I have signed up under Team in Training through Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

So here is the vital information, if you sign up through Team In Training you get several perks along with helping a great cause. My husband is a survivor of Leukemia so this was close to my heart. You also get your entry fee in to select races for a discount. So if you’re interested in signing up join our team “Plus Size Runners”, lets show our change and raise money for a great cause. I posted the links at the end of this post.

Some other happening news, I am SODA free since 9/15. I’m so proud of myself, just for the simple reason I am a DIE-HARD Dr.Pepper drinker. Like at least 2 – 20 oz a day, but I haven’t had one since the day before my oral surgery. I have stuck to water with a little tea for flavor. If you don’t know me my “Tea” is a cup with ice field to about an inch from the top with about 2oz of tea added in. Our sweet tea is 2 cups of sugar to a gallon of tea. So yea it’s true southern sweet tea, like there is anything else.

Well guys that’s it for this Post, I plan on updating my runs and etc, but the long post I will reserve for once a week. But thanks for Sharing, Passing it A Long and any questions, suggestions and so forth please leave for me :-D    Till next time my loves, keep your head up and your feet down.

Late my sweets,

Important Links:
Team Page <- this is the link to the team page, just click

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