Thursday, September 22, 2016

Running for a Plus Size Girl

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. Just by stopping by and checking out my blog you have given me something that any runner needs.. MOTIVATION, and for that I can not say thank you enough. What is Motivation and why do we need it.

First off lets start things on a introduction note. I'm  31 year old, mommy to 2 beautiful healthy and happy children. Wife to an amazing man of 8 years and by his side for almost 15. Surro Mommy to 2 growing boys. The daughter of two people who I admire and wouldn't be me with out. A photographer, a chef and last but not least a novice runner. 

So it's always been on my bucket list to run a 5k. I have never been a runner, even as a cheerleader/softball player in high school running laps was torture. But I still wanted that fulfillment of completing a marathon. However Life Happened and I went from being a 15 year old athlete to a 31 year old mother of 2.

So in my other blog "A Southern Belle's Kitchen", I started writing about my journey to running. Then I realized there was plenty of  blogs about women running, and none of plus size  women runners.  Even though a runners struggles are just that struggles of someone that is running, plus size women & men seem to have a few added extras. 

Struggles of a plus size runner starts at motivation. Yes! Just lacing up the tennis shoes and walking out the door is a struggle, and the struggle is real. That more than 35% of people in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and West Virginia* are obese. Now I know you didn't come here to hear someone spout of statistics, but this is just the beginning. So instead of spouting statistics lets talk about getting you off the couch and on the pavement.

SET A GOAL! I have set a goal and I hope you will join me with it. I will run my first Marathon on October 22, 2016. It's called the 5K for William Station Day in Atmore, AL. You can join this run virtually if you can't be there in person. So what else do you need, well there a just a few other things.

I am a huge believer in Fitbit/Fitness Tracker. If your like me you have to be able to see what you have done. See your accomplishments, how many steps you have done, how many miles you have completed, how active you were or what your heart rate is. I currently have the Fitbit Blaze, which I love. It's a little bulky, but I don't want to squint to see the time. You can use any of them with your phone so get a fitness tracker that fits your needs and budget.

Another must need is Shoes.... I think it's probably the 2nd most important thing needed to be a runner, first being motivation and third being clothes. Shoes, now first and foremost I'm a girl I want my shoes to be cute and they don't always have to be comfortable, however in this case make sure they are on point for what you are doing, which is running. I will be going to a speciality store before the race and getting my feet fitted for running shoes and I will be taking you guys along with me. But to get started a simple pair of light weight "running" shoes works. I got mine off of Amazon for $30, just because they were running shoes and cute. But I have soon found out that they are killer, so after you have been committed for a few weeks take the time to get a good pair of running shoes. 

Now on to number 3, Clothes... Clothes for any runner are important but for a Plus Size runner it's the difference between pain and P.A.I.N. Chaffing is a huge issue for plus size runners in very uncomfortable and private areas. I know as a plus size woman we are trained not to wear things form fitting or super tight, but I want you to take that idea, ball it up and throw it out the window when it comes to running. Wear form fitting pants and cotton or mesh underwear. I really like the Danskin exercise capris you can get at Walmart for $13 they seem to be my go to pants. They are tight so they seem to pull sweat away. There is also the trick of deodorant between your legs and in any area’s you may chafe say under your breast or a belly roll. Dick’s Sporting Goods puts out a sweat repellant. The name is BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm for her, its in a Pink deodorant looking container can’t miss it and I love it. You can pick it up online or instore for around $10.

So now you have the basics, you got Shoes, Clothes, fitness tracker and the beginnings of motivation so what is next? Well…….. Now you need to… PLAN…
Yes, Plan you need to know when your going to run, how far and so forth and so on. There are plenty of apps and if you’re an app guru then get your phone and lets get to downloading. My favorite app for training is the Under Armour series.

I have them all on my phone, so the ones to download are as follows: My Fitness Pal, Run Trainer & MapMyRun. Yes, all three will help you and they connect with your fitness trackers. Since your just starting and you don’t want to download a million and one apps, answer these questions. Do you only want help training to run? Do you want help training and keeping up with your food consumption? If the answer is to the first question then you only need to download the trainer, if you answered yes to the second question the download both the Run Trainer & My Fitness Pal. Both of these will make the journey a little more enjoyable.

So now you have downloaded your apps, open Run Trainer and set up your goals, what you want to run, when it is etc. Now I use this app once I get started but not to start. I am a rebel like that. I started by going to the place I was going to run and walking it and getting a base time. I know, I know your thinking what do I do now. She hasn’t said anything about actually running. I promise it’s coming, actually its in the next paragraph.

A 5k is 3.1 miles (insert Oh My Gosh Face now), YES 3 miles, and you going to do it with a smile on your face. Now I know you are thinking how the heck am I suppose to get my rear end from walking to running.. Well it takes time my sweets it takes times. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you running a 5k won’t happen in a week.  I know it’s okay to cry a little for a moment. Done!  You have planned, You bought clothes, now it’s time. A small note before we start You only need to run 3 to 5 days a week with a rest day and 2 cross training day, I  will explain more in another post.

Now I like the way the Couch to 5K starts you off so my personal routine is a little like this. I brisk walk for 20 seconds then run for 20 seconds and repeat for 30 mins around our park. Remember, Sweets Don’t push yourself to injury. If you only make 1 lap that is 1 lap more than you did the day before. You will work up to making it 5 laps before you know it.  Every 2 or 3 days bump up your time by 5 second increments or 10 if you feel froggy. So about 2 weeks you have now built up to 60 seconds walking and 60 seconds running.. GO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

Okay so, you have celebrated a little did you happy dance, YAY now your going to start working your time up on running and decreasing your time on walking.. I know it’ll be hard at first but after the first few days or so you will notice its getting easier and easier to make the start at running.  You will keep doing this until you are officially running for 30 mins without stopping. YAY you, now your going to increase your distance 30 mins is on average a mile and remember you need 3 miles. Increase your daily go by 10 minutes every other day. You will see your endurance climb. Start using your app tracking your distance you are going and you will keep going up and up till you are officially at 3 miles. You can keep going if you want to train for a 10k or a Half or Whole Marathon. 

Just Remember this, YOU GO GIRL! YOUR DOING THIS FOR YOU! YOUR AMAZING! YOUR DOING GREAT! BE POSITIVE, when running. I talk to my self to motivate myself during run burst and I don’t care who or what people think.  I do have something to ask of you. When you pass someone wither they are walking or jogging tell them, You’re doing Great! Great Job! These simple words of encouragement will help them and you. Be a Positive Runner, be a PLUS SIZE RUNNER!!!

Later My Sweets

*Obesity Facts:

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